Saturday October 14 – (Day Twenty-seven)

After Asti, I was really reluctant to try somewhere else. Here it was Saturday morning and I had nothing planned. So…Alba? I decided yes. Yes, let’s try it. And I was trying it alone. Big choice for me.

I figured out the bus to Porta Susa and set off allowing myself over an hour to get to the station, buy the ticket and figure out the platform. So glad I did.

First I went to a machine that was for ticketless travel only. When I tried it anyway, it told me that ticketless travel wasn’t available for that route. I visited the ticket office where I was told ‘Not here. Next office on the left.’ That was a long walk away and the time was ticking. I bargained with myself on how late I would leave it before giving up my journey (trains run every hour). At the next office the number system to stand in line was on the blink. I stood in line before seeing others had numbers. Where from? From another number machine out of my sight.

I started towards the working machine and then saw another ticket machine – no harm to try it, time continued to tick. This one could issue a ticket but only by card. I relented and used my UK card. And now I have ten minutes to spare. Off to the platform.

It’s not a bad journey to Alba. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes and on a three decker (GO-type, for those in Toronto) train. The scenery is pleasant and in parts quite lovely. It reminds me somewhat of the journey north to Edinburgh, with its rivers and small spired towns. I’m serenaded by hip hop music issuing from the seats behind me. And I’m amused – the teenagers are trying unsuccessfully to sing along with the English lyrics but do a better, lusty job with the Italian ones. Silence is easier.

Bottom line first. Alba is lovely.

Flowers in Alba
Flowers in Alba

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